Multi-Task Organiser & Reminder System

What is Elephant Mail?

Elephant Mail is a unique, simple and effective method of organising all of those different tasks that you either need to do yourself or delegate to other people.

It is a reminder system that enables you to set up recurring emails to one or multiple addresses - you can send messages as emails or text to mobiles.

It enables you to allocate tasks to one or more people who can then mark their task as completed.

You can review the history of the tasks ie; who was responsible and when they completed the task.

Elephant Mail does not replace your existing email system - it just means that once you start using it - you may never hear again the excuse; "Sorry - I forgot"

We believe that Elephant Mail is the most simple and yet most comprehensive, 'Task Organiser & Reminder System'.

How does it work?

The system is set up & customised by us so that it meets the needs of your business.

Because different types of businesses can have different types of tasks we set up only the 'Reminder Sets' you need.

Based on information provided by you, we pre-load 'Reminder Sets' set-up to meet the needs of your business for example;

  • Health & Safety tasks to do
  • Equipment Calibration due
  • Vehicle servicing due
  • Licences due & taxes due
  • Employees Training & appraisals
  • Appointments - etc etc

We can create bespoke 'Reminder Sets' that are unique to you - or you can just have pre-set 'Reminder Sets' for birthdays, special dates or appointments.

Each 'Reminder Set' contains different text boxes to enable you to record all relevant information for the task or item of equipment.


  • Image of the list view of your saved reminders
  • Image of a saved reminder
  • Image showing how to attach files
  • Image showing attached files

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