Multi-Task Organiser & Reminder System

Benefits of Using Elephant Mail

"Almost every business has endless lists of tasks to complete"

These can be 'one-off' tasks or tasks that need to be done again & again either every day - week, month or every 6 months - yearly etc etc.

Elephant Mail will save you time

  • you only set up the task on the system once
  • no need to spend time making and keeping notes
  • you receive a reminder when the task is due
  • if the task recurs weekly - then so does the reminder
  • no need to waste time chasing other people to tell them to do something
  • the people you have assigned the task to get the reminder on the due date
  • when they have finished the task they simply mark it as 'completed'
  • you just view the reminder history to check when they completed the task

"Set up the tasks on Elephant Mail & then forget them"

Elephant Mail will benefit your business

  • Important tasks are more likely to be carried out and not forgotten due to busy workloads
  • Improves office efficiency and guards against missed deadlines
  • Equipment or vehicle servicing is done on time - helping to keep your business running smoothly
  • Health & Safety checks can be carried out when due - helping to you to comply with legislation
  • You can add bespoke Reminder Sets that are unique to your business
  • You can use Elephant Mail to send regular reminders to Customers - helping to increase profits
  • Can reduce stress by being more focused and better organized
  • Can improve management effectiveness

"Using Elephant Mail is almost like having an extra member of staff"